Single mum and split access Journey, part 2.

From that night life totally changed….

I was unable to drive after the verdict, so my dad took the wheel. We drove to collect the children from nursery and school club… My head was all over.

How would they cope? How do I tell them? Will they resent me? How can I still provide home for them?

That week I was leaving my full time secure job to start my own business with only 1 part time paying place taken. Was the jump all too soon….

How would I financially provide for them, keep the house going and food to eat… At that point I was relying only on my wages and tax credits, which would soon change as no longer employed…. I spent the 30mins drive crying…panicking but at same time trying to calm enought to collect them and look as nothing had happened..but how wrong was I….

I walked into the nursery and as employer there my colleagues ask and the water works were back out… They were all in shock and too could not understand.

The children were excited as we were having a grandparent weekend. If is was not for my mam and dads support that weekend I’m not sure how I would cope.

My anxiety was sky high, all I felt I wanted to do was escape with the children and return back to the North East with my family. That may never happen now.

My mam helped me to explain to them what was going to happen from the following week. Was was a bit too young to really understand, however Ava-May was 4 had a lot of questions… Why do we have to? Can we come back here to sleep? Where will be be? Will I still be here? Many I could not answer.

I still had things to sort with their dad but that had to wait as I needed that weekend with the family to focus on quality time with them.

The following week emails were back and forward with my ex to sort finer details, when handover will be, times, birthdays, Christmas etc. all this was not decided within the order and left for us to control… Which was great but still now 4years on some things can still be a real struggle.

The last thing in remember from court was “the children are resilient, I see no reason why this will not work or have adverse effects on them…” Oh how I now wish that they could actually see the impacts of this on the children especially oldest.

The first few months was vile… Especially now I was gaining increasing business and services the school my two attended.

My ex had taken the court order into the school and made sure that all teaching staff knew who they children were with….this made me feel sick as 1 the school denied they were meeting him even tho I knew about it, 2nd my ex also felt I was not needed to be at the meeting… I was horrified, there was for no reason that I was not allowed to see the children during their time with there Dad.

Joint parenting which out discussions jointly, was not joint parenting in my eyes.

I remember one night their Granddad wanted me to collect Avamay from her class door and bring her to me (she asked for this in the morning), we agreed as felt better for avamay to be able to have a little time with me before going… I mentioned this to teacher in morning, upon collection Ava was sent out to me and when ready we went to leave… Oh how simple it sounded until a teacher came after me and asked where I was taken her. I discussed plan with teacher who didn’t get the message in morning.

Oh how I was stopped…. I was told I was not allowed to take my own daughter from top gate to the car park less than 2minute walk along side of school. Avamay was taken off me, crying asking for me. She was taken back into the school. I left the playground (upset too) I saw the grandad who was then concerned where she was due to being planned between us I the morning, he was not happy either.all I remember then was my anxitety going into over drive I was shaking a friend supported me while the issues was sorted with the teachers… To my luck my son was given me cuddles too… Avamay was brough out and gave me cuddles.. I helped them both to car all still a bit upset…

This court order was stupid…there was no reasons as to why I could not see the children. All the order stipulated was who the children reside with upon which week. However due to school and ex had further things must been discussed without my knowledge. I felt like life was crash around me….was I really such a bad mum…that I couldn’t see them..t

Many a night I would collected minding children and have my two running to me too, only to have to say to them they need to go with dad or alternate collector. It was and still sometimes really hard. To have to tell your own child they can not come home with you.

I remember a few occasions Ava-May screaming to come home with me, clinging and refusing to go…. Having to get friends to help me out… Still makes me feel sick to this day having to tell them they can’t and have to go…what had I done so wrong that the courts felt this was right for them…

After a few months,  I was in a constant battle with myself. My childminding was really taken off… I was in demand. But was I doing the right thing daily by working this way, servicing the school and nursery where my children attended… Should I quiet working as a childminder, so I would not see the children when was their week with there dad. Should I stop servicing the school. Would I be better going back to employed work and not see them as much, not be able to take and collect the children from school when was my week. After talking with my parents going back into full time work was not a option, I have less time woth Ava-May and Ryin due to the court order never mind not being able to be there for them when I needed to be.

After a few more discussion with their Dad, it was agreed that if the children wanted to, they could meet me at school and go in and out with me…. This was a good send as just a simple fast that Ava-May wanted, which then impacted her to be more settled with the transactions. This also meant that I could carry out my work a lot easier and not feel so guilty as to why other children could spend time with me but my own children couldn’t.

Three year on and we still sometimes do struggle, my ex and I sometimes don’t agree on things (behaviour management etc) or resolving changes, weekend swaps etc seem to be long winded…

However, we are slowly getting there. There will still be a lot of hurdles I expect to overcome… when these things happen.

The main thing I try to keep open is methods of communication, due to a week here and week there access. This is key to making things easier.

I will say it’s not easy at all. But little changes have helped e.g. Listening to what the children want, even at young age.

Lessons I have learnt and still learning.

We may never be one the same page regarding the children. However trying to be on the makes easier.

Keet communication open within the best method. For us emails and verbal chats when needed.

Behaviour will/may become challenging from the children. But stay consistent. Try talk and do same positive reinforcements with both houses, same methods. Setting same expectations within two houses. Also keep similar routines, as this can have impact on behaviour.

Reinforce that children are still loved by each parent, just the parents needed to live apart. Be as truthful and age appropriate over the situation.

I have found as I’m along getting the children help out around house helps me a lot. Little chores for them e.g. Putting their clothes away, tidying their room etc.

Split parenting is hard…I will not lie it’s really hard, I think harder as was court decision. It takes work and persistence…


Single mum and split access journey part 1.

I have had a few messages over social media saying I’m an inspiration, the strength I have is amazing and more… I am greatly touched by these messages but I have not always been this way… Here’s my story.

Four years ago this April, I found out my Husband was not happy within the relationship. I was numb,sick feeling and lifeless… I live 300miles away from my family and friends and no real good friends around this area to gain support. My life was crumbling around me… What had I done wrong, was I a bad wife or mother. Had my decision to stay at home to bring up the children added extra strain on us as a couple… Two years earlier, I opted to leave my career as a deputy manager at a nursery and stay home to help work out my anxiety issues and bring up our daughter, within a year of that I was expecting our 2nd child and working part time around his shifts. Had all these changes affected us as a couple… Suppose I will never know the real answer apart from “I have fallen out of love with you”

Within a few months after trying to “fix” the relationship my husband moved out and I was financially forced back into full time work. Although at the point ex was helping financially, I knew things had to change. I had option to move back home too, back to Northumberland, where I actually would been able to go back to work, have family help with childcare and able to afford my own home on a wage. However I felt that this was not a option, the children living so far away from their dad, seeing him everyother weekend with a four hour commute just did  not seem fair on them esp as Ava-May was loving and settling into school life really well.

I opted to stay in the family home and a friend managed to get me a job in a nursery she worked in, this was a godsend back into my career within childcare was great. However I was starting to struggling for childcare as worked in different town to daughters school, so a neighbour helped me out depending on my shifts. My ex wanted to see the children on his days off  and weekend all worked around his line of work. This was great although a fiancial strain as I was having to pay full time childcare for youngest but only accessing part time place. I soon changed work to nursery my daughter sometimes attended after school, this eased a lot as was able to acces sn pay childcare around his shifts, saw both children more and sometimes able to take daughter to school.

The divorce was sorted and went though fast, although changes had happened and finances and children’s access was no longer sorted within the divorce all seperate. This when the challanges came.

The relationship with my ex and myself was becoming stressful.  Plans were not see through, different family members were collecting the children when should been him. And demands were coming thick and fast over finances,and the children’s time with him. He wanted 50/50 access. And stopped all direct debits we agreed on at point of divorce.

Within a few month back and forth between us, I was faces with a letter from the family court (he really was taken me to court). I have a break down, my anxiety went sky high, my mind went to they will have the children off me. I was working full time as well as trying to set up my childminding business. I had been a stay home mum for 2years with him.  Bringing up the children now, I was frighten to keep stability for them.

I got advice and support from the solicitor who helped me though the divorce. We put our case forward as to why i did not feel a 50/50 access with a 1yr old and 5 year old was suitable. We tried to reason outside of court via mediation but no help. He was strong on wanting 50/50. My solicitor supported us at the 1st hearing where’s believed it would be sorted but no CAFCASS services and the the judge forwarded the case higher.

I felt sick at the thought of our relationship  was so strained that we could not be sorted outside of courts. That someone else would be deciding how the children should live. Someone else who did not know our lives, our children, our challanges etc. There was go getting out of it now. As my solicitor said he had nothing to loose if worse case for him things stay as they are.

I was struggling emotional with all this going on, and handed my notice into work with the aim of hoping my childminding would take off and with view of still being able to see and spend more time with the children. Work was very supportive of this and understood as theowners had expert es of single mum lifestyle…

The 2nd court day came, my solicitor instructed me a baraster as needed further help and support. My parents had traveled from the North East to support me. I was fed up and had several panic attacks in the morning. The children were dropped off at nursery and got load word of support from my colleagues. We all had great belief.

After a morning of my baraster trying to get to reason with my ex, offering alternate options he was still admit he wanted 50/50 only. The decision was with the judge….

I was shaking, tearful, stressed. I could not understand why he wanted the children off my after supporting my for 2years to be a stay at home mam. He works shifts, when we were together  he could go days without seeing the children, so why all this now….

I had been a single mum, working full time for 18months with children and myself happy with the arrangement for access… Now 2young children lives were in the hands of a judge.

My parents, family, friends and barrister were a lot more positive than me. I had hope but not great hope… Want was I on paper but a single mum, low income no family close for physical support. He was financially better stable than me, living with his girlfriend and had family on hand to help… No brainier to me but was told never really happen esp not in courts, and defiantly not unless there was cause for concern, why they children should be taken from there mother….

We were called in, my heart sunk as it was not one judge but a panel of three… Three people total strangers were decisioning on two children’s lives they have never meet.

My barrister but forward my case, my ex represented himself with a makenzie friend… We were dismissed… For them to discuss…

Four hours dragged….I knew from a gut feeling was look looking hopeful for my side as I did not feel would take so long… My barrister discussed seperate with the judges and my ex to try resolve with out the need for this… Still no luck….

We were called back in…the decision had been made… I crumbled…

The panel felt children living between two homes would not have a negative impact on them.

It was decided from the following week the children would live between my home and their dads for 10 weeks then 11the week would be a split week due to their dad having to work a week of nights. That was printed black and white… All worked around his shifts…

I crumbled… We were dismissed… Within a couple of week I had to prepare for the children lives to change dramatically.

My parents waited outside… I saw them and that was it…I crumbled further… I was heart broken….I never stopped him seeing the children… I worked with him from day 1 of the breakdown and life was to totally change for us all…my babies would have to learnt olive between two homes.

My barrister was great, he was in shock too as to why it was decided, why the panel felt it was good for the children. I was told we could try to appeal but due it already been discussed via a panel would not be any success. But still a option to look at.

From that night life changed….


(to be continued..)






Pumpkin and chocolate muffins

I first saw a recipe for this on the Facebook page

So was worth a try but I altered the recipe a little due to first time trying it. These are so yummy, personally can not taste the pumpkin, so next time add more but really holds t moisture in them. My two normally only eat fruit cake but loved these.

So here how we baked ours.


375g caster sugar,

300ml pumpkin purée,

300ml vegetable oil,

4 eggs

375g plain flour,

2teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda and 2 teaspoons baking powder

1teaspoon cinnamon.

100g chocolate chips

50g coco powder.


Beat the eggs, adding sugar, pumpkin, and vegetable oil.

In seperate bowl sieve the flour, coco powder,  bi card, baking powder, cinnamon.

Slowly fold into egg mixture. Add in the chocolate chips.

seperate over the muffin tins, we manages to get 24, however amount will depend on if muffin or cupcake cases.

Bake for 15-20 minutes on 200C oven, until slit spring when touched.

We iced with orange butter icing and Halloween themed sprinkles.

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My pregnancy loss.

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In November 2008, I was told my pregnancy was twin, however one was smaller than the other, we were in regularly for growth scan and the little fighter was growing but at slower rate than the other.

Unfortunalty in Jan 2009, we recieved devistaying news the smaller twins heart beat could not be found. The consultant said the other twin was doing well and had two options, carry on with the pregnancy and deliver the other baby (which would shrink naturally) when the other twin was due, or to terminate the other twin.

Well I strongly do not believe in terminations so we went ahead, it was hard or so hard. I even blamed myself a lot thinking it was my fault I could not keep the other baby growing etc etc.

Throught out the rest the pregnancy I was classed as high risk due to the other twin and my BMI. So we had regular scans, midwife appointment etc etc, but still I dreaded these appointments incase I heard the news again.

At around 30weeks we had decision to make again, upon delivery of the healthy baby there would be some signs of another baby, (although be unclear it’s was a baby). Myself and partner made a decision for the hospital to dispose of the remain of the other twin, a decision that was right at the time but now almost 7years on I wish I didn’t decide that way.

In July 2009, I had a great natural birth, Ava-May was born at 4:58pm , on the 24th, weighing 7lb 61/2oz. I did natal hypnosis which was great for keeping me calm after the changes over the pregnancy. I had a few issues after the birth and slow recovery and thought was the end of issues.

That was until I realised, there really was no support for me. First finding out having twins, then becoming singleton pregnancy. Then issues after the birth I felt so alone, misunderstood n heart broken.

I searched my own guidance to recovering from a loss from S.A.N.D.S online. When I came across baby loss awareness week and the global wave of light. This was a great release knowing there was others out there like me, struggling with grief at same time as joy….

Fast forward 6 years, my children Ava-May (twin 1) and my Son now 4, and I visited the national memorial auberitum. There it was S.A.N.D.S memoral garden, we visited. Ava-May has always know about her twin, she releases a ballon on her birthday for her twin to have a play with. She asked if we could make a stone too like ones we saw. I thought this was very fitting as assecced S.A.N.D.S online help, this took us a while to do, as I kept putting it off, unsure how I would feel going back.

Then in July 2016, I stopped via social media a S.A.N.D.S Staffordshire and noticed there family day at the S.A.N.D.S. Garden,  so thought be great way to return and place our stone, along with two close friends for thier loss. Both my children helped sort the stones, picking and painting them.

The day came, the children were excited to be going back to the national memorial arboretum, Ava-May took responsibility of the stones in her back pack, requesting to place her twins and Ryin asked for our friends.

We meet the Staffordshire support team, best thing I have done. Discussed a few things with them and felt like such a release. I really was not along in feeling there was no grievance support. The Staffordshire branch only 4years old, but I was welcome to join there monthly meetings even though my loss is now over 7 years. They were discussing where’d they are taken the branch, in funding training for midwifes and other hospital pregnancy/maternity team in grief and more.

Every year I fundraise for S.A.N.D.S and this year donated £200 to the Staffordshire branch, to help support this training. I am also now looking into accessing the meetings and gaining further support from them.

Eventhough my loss has been 7 1/2 years it’s still raw, why me? What if? How? All these questions and emotions really do stay with you forever. However, you really are not alone. I have come to connect with May people even globally via social media who are gone through miscarriage and still birth. And many like me recieved no support.

So let’s hope the global wave of light and local S.A.N.D.S Staffordshire are able to reach out to more.


babyloss awareness week 9-15th October,

wave of light, 15th October, 7pm.

More infor and support:


Babyloss Awareness Week 2016





Married mum of three, writes first novel to raise awareness of the unseen side of domestic abuse/coercive control.


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Hull based mother and business owner, Jennifer Gilmour, has spent the past eighteen months writing her first novel with the aim of not only raising awareness of this insidious behaviour which brings hidden misery to so many but of bringing about changes at a national level. A ‘survivor’ herself, Jennifer is well aware that changes to national policies and working practices are needed so that situations in which women (and men) present in emotionally abusive situations are recognised and dealt with appropriately and with compassion. Jennifer believes that particular training needs to be focused on recognising the perpetrators of this behaviour, as often they are very persuasive people who are able to manipulate the services themselves.

Jennifer’s Huffington Post article went into more depth about life after domestic abuse and living with the unseen ‘bruises’. She states that, “This is why it is important that not only are the agencies well equipped to recognise abuse and coercive control but that there is support to protect those at risk as well. I was lucky to be supported by Hull DAP, which takes on medium risk cases as well as high risk cases. In many parts of the UK. This is not the case.”

Jennifer’s book follows the story of Rose who is stuck in an abusive and coercive relationship referred to as Isolation Junction. After years of emotional abuse, the self doubt about her future and the erosion of her confidence, Rose takes a stand. Finding herself alone, penniless and frightened Rose wonders how she will ever escape from the situation to provide a better life for herself and her children. With 100 reasons to leave and 1000 reasons why she perceives she can’t – will she have the courage to do it? And will she find the support to regain control and confidence?

Jennifer Gilmour was born and educated in Hull before moving south to attend university. Now happily living in her home city with her husband, three children and a hamster she runs an Internet business (Blissful Gifts and Services) and is a top performing Consultant for Jamberry.

Kickstarter campaign which is live right now:

Huffington Post Blogger Profile:

Strawberry picking

Summer brings lighter nights, warmer days and STRAWBERRIES my children and I favourite fruit.

On Monday I took my son and minding children to Canalside farm, in Great Haywood. As I noticed searching the Internet they apwere doing pick your own strawberries, it was closest place I could find.

The canalside farm is a family ran farm, farm shop and cafe next to the Trent and Mersey Canal, just 10 miles from where I live.

You go through the farm shop and collect your boxes for picking. I have never done pick your own but feel it is a great way to further show children where fruit and vegetables come from. I have grown strawberries and raspberries at home for the last couple of years, but the ones at canalside WOW.

Out the back of the farm shop lies tunnels upon tunnels, we followed the signs for the strawberries, going past raspberry tunnels, we also shopped courgettes. Getting a request go go back when the raspberries are ready.

The strawbetties for picking we signposted and there were loads, some ready and some not so. There were all in raised planters great for my son to reach but smaller children needed to be lifted.

We talked about which ones to pick and why, we made extra game in finding the biggest and smallest strawberry we could find. We even tasted a little cheeky strawberry…heheh.

The canalside prides itself on it strawberries and I can see why… They are amazing. Once our boxes were full we headed back to the farm shop spotting the boats on the canal. The boxes were weighted and paid for. Ryin requested not to go home, (lucky packed a picnic)

We sat outside the coffee shop and the children loved watching the trains go past as they munched there sandwiches and eating more strawberries.

I can highly recommend the canalside farm for strawberry picking. We shall be returning for raspberries and more.

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Mini Me Yoga Staffordshire

Mini me yoga workshop

Well where do I start…

As I’m admin for a parent page on Facebook, I was contacted by Emma McIntosh from  Mini me yoga Staffordshire to advertise one of her yoga sessions within the group…well with being child related I agreed.

Then I became curious… What was it all about… I had heard and seen and tried adults yoga but children’s?! What was different? What were the benefits?! As a single self employed mum I often find my daughter struggling with some behaviour issues so I dropped Emma an email asking the above.

I got immediate response and was full of information about how can help children as well as she told me about her 2 hours mini me workshops, to help me teach and guide yoga in the home… At first I though yea bet it’s pricy, all added extra after sales etc but no £45 2hours and I did not feel any pressure to join the workshop. I explained me personal situation for times to go etc and was explained it could be tailored to my availability esp if I could find least3 other people interested.

I sat with this a while and booked my daughter (6) onto a free 30mins session, I thought she would enjoy it as often doing exercises in the house and talking about p.e. lesson at school. I the process I looked and requested more information about Emma’s workshops, what entails, how can I practice it at home. Then I just bite the bullet it really is one of them workshops that have to be tried to really know. I mean what’s 2hours out my Saturday morning, to try something different.

The workshop day came and wow nerves kicked in, I was going to a new place Bramptoon museum to do a workshop with strangers… Totally out my comfort zone. I rockets up nurvous, scared but excited at the same time.

Emma was amazing, I was totally put at ease when we meet, she explained a lot more about it and really made me relaxed. This workshop was really about implementing 15minutes of pure peace and tranquility into a child’s day. Not the sort of yoga I expected. The session had a few other people ranging from mums, yoga teachers, and people in education or care, we each went with different objective.

The session was brilliant, fun and creative. Once we started all worries etc had gone, probably cos got told to think like a child… (Something we all forget to too…just be and play)

Emma guided us throught every stage of a 15minute programme, explains at each stage why it’s done, the science and benefits to it all, open to questions every time. How the smallest of things can make such a difference, experiments to try, how used every day household things… And how yogo ain’t yoga but great fun with children. Getting us to reconnect with ourselves.

Emma taught us 3 games and used some fab Mini Me Yoga Magick Yoga Cards, also explaining there uses and changing idead for the age of your child working with… We went on a safari animal spotting, paired game and fun poses off the cards. Not forgetting the music links to them all. The Mandela colouring and energising water.

This workshop was a real eye opener, yes it was based at us teaching and supporting the children but the inner feeling of peace I got from it was not expected…Added bonus.

I went with the vision to use at home with my daughter but seeing and feeling the great benefits, I am practicing with my daughter with the aim to introduce it with the children I childmind, if it will lift my worries, anxieties and helped me sleep that night. It will certainly benefit the children I look after every day after a school day having new things full them up…. I have booked Emma to come do a session with the children within some school holidays, and they are all looking forward to it.

Kids yoga

After my session my daughter did her 30minutes with Emma, Avamay knew a little from school but seeing her face after, not wanting to leave and talking so much about what she did was brilliant.

We are doing it at home one night a week and she is loving it, often telling me to extend the session, adding bits in and totally loves the magic water.

I love how the sessions have helped us two to spend more quality time together, have a laugh and calms us nicely after a busy day.

fully recommend Emma’s sessions and kids yoga, here are the links, website full extra information too and links to experiments.





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Children love to be active – so let them!

I have been personally working with a Virtual fitness trainer Debbielucas from mum plus one to help increase my fitness levels for the last 3/4 weeks.
I have found her service fab, so I have asked her to do me a little write up for family fitness etc. Here you are.

Children love to be active – so let them!

Did you know that most children would rather take part in physical activities than any other activity?  According to research findings from Bailey 1999a and 1999b physical activity play is the first to appear and the most frequent expression of play in infants.  They also found that children would rather succeed in physical activities than in classroom work.
When your children are running around being “wild” do you ever stop to consider the benefits other than the fact that it wears them out?  For instance, being physically competent influences social acceptance in children.  It can also contribute to physical, mental and emotional well-being.
Physical activity can help children develop an emotional awareness of themselves and others as they learn to interact and work together through play and sports.  They have the opportunity to feel a sense of pride and achievement and learn how to approach new experiences.  It’s also an excellent way of improving concentration levels, self-confidence and communication skills.
Physiologically there are numerous benefits, as there are with adults who exercise.  For instance, improving bone growth and density, promoting healthy growth and development of muscular-skeletal and cardiorespiratory systems, reduced risk of coronary heart disease and development of coordination and motor skills.  These are all fairly well known facts but what about other benefits such as improving cognitive functioning whereby movement helps the organisation of spatial information which can lead to later improvements in maths and language abilities.
So what’s stopping children from achieving all of this?  There are lots of factors coming into play but here are some of the main ones:
  • We have a tendency to want our children to sit quietly so we can.
  • We usually don’t exercise as much as we should, if at all.  Children pick up on this.  You are a role model and they emulate your behaviour.  If you don’t do any physical activities it doesn’t encourage them to either.
  • Our attitude isn’t always very supportive towards our children being active because it means we might have to get involved or take them out to a group somewhere.
  • Parents are busier than ever these days and don’t always have time to run around with their children or take them out.
  • Lack of awareness of body shape in adults and children.  The British Medical Journal reported that only a quarter of parents recognised that their child was overweight.  Even when the child was obese, 33% of mothers and 57% of fathers saw their child’s weight as ‘about right’ (Jeffery, 2005).
  • There’s no escaping the junk food that’s out there but parents should learn to limit it and be responsible for what your children are eating.  Poor diet at an early age usually leads to poor diet when they are older.
  • Your child won’t take part in activities if they are uncomfortable either physically or socially.
Screen time
  • Children now have a multitude of gadgets available to them from a very early age, which is great for learning possibilities, but terrible for physical activity.  Children spend too long in front of a screen being incredibly sedentary.
Older siblings
  • We’ve probably all done it.  Made sure that the older sibling gets to go to clubs and activity sessions or to play with friends because they need the entertainment and the younger one is side-lined because you tell yourself that they’ll get to do all of that when they are older too.
So what can we, as parents, do to help our children be more active and reap all these wonderful rewards?  It’s easy!  Encourage them.  Give them opportunities.  Let them run around with their friends regularly even if they don’t go to structured sessions.  Activity doesn’t have to cost money, your kids can be creative and make up their own games if you let them or help them along.  You just need to give them the time and space to do it.
Don’t forget, you can always get involved and play with them too, they’ll love you for it!  You’ll get some amazing family-fun time and can all get fit and healthy together.  So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and have a go!
mum plus 1
Mum plus One (pre/postnatal and mummy fitness)