Over the last few years I have been on a decluttered game, energy shifting journey.

I did this via Feng Shui, with Patricia Lohan. I remember my younger years having a home feng shui book and slight interest but never fully embracing it.

I knew about Patricia via Bizmums, so three year ago decided to take the plunge and invest in her mastery course.

At first I did not add all remedies. As you start the course you submit house details like precious location, year of build etc then Patricia and team do their magic and work out your house type, guru plan and what’s needed to help the house energy.

Upon Chinese New Year, is when you start remedies, clearing, cleaning. 2017 was only time I fully embraces all the remedies, I know what I wanted out of life now and was more settled with my single mother life, I thought why not embrace it all.

And wow did the magic happen. I meet Matt, money was picking up, house felt fresher, old things linking my self to past life were gone.

Last year Patricia released a book and I felt very lucky to be part of the prelaunch proof read team, this book took my feng shut journey to another level. Decluttering deeper of my house and myself. Setting new intention, beliefs and just amazing work.

2019 updates are in place as this year I have decided to do more inner self work, I’m mediating, building new believes, developing new coping methods which are in turn really helping me fight and over come anxiety and daily stresses.

Who knew that in 2016, as I started this journey I would be planning my wedding, be a step mum to 2 children, have my ex off my mortgage and even travel to one dream location as well as planning other adventures,

If your wanting to declutter more effectively I suggest you get your hands on the amazing The Happy Home book. (Link to shop is below.)

This is a great way to see how Feng Shui can come into you life without the larger investment, when will lead you into her mastery course to make your home a better way to support your family, your dreams and goals.

<a href=”http:////“>Patricia’s book


My prefect planner

Around 18 months ago, I had an idea for a diary/planner that would combine my daily needs and my diary, from note making, diary planning and more.

That day I meet Ali a friend from Bizmums who said she could help me. If you not heard or seen Ali’s things check out my other blog here on her my perfect journal

Fast forward 18 months and here it is…

Within this planner we have combined, weekly view, daily view, monthly money tracker, colouring, inspirational quotes, as well as powerful positive thoughts inc my perfect moment, positives in your life, things that made you happy/laugh and smile. These daily tasks helps you build a positive mindset. As end of each week there a review too.

To see my Facebook live on my prefect planner follow here FB live .

The planner has been designed open dated, this means you can get your hands on it and I enjoyed and roll for 3months… it’s only takes 30 days to build new habits, so why not build some organised, positive mind set habits here.

You can get your hands-on it direct via myself (drop me comment) as well as soon listed on my perfect website (will link soon as its live).

Stay ‘n’ Role-Play sessions

Prestige performances stay and role play.


As a Childminder and Mam, I like to get the children out through the day. It’s has many great benefits.

Last week a new group opened in stone, offering children under school age a safe place to play, called stay and role play. It’s run by Karen, Elena and Becky, at The Box on the White bridge estate. Every Tuesday 9.30-11.30.

I found it a great space to allow the children more physical freedom, has a vast amount of dressing up, musical instruments, small world, stories, role play and craft guided by Elena. Even a cosy soft area for none mobile babies.

All these and more offered offering the children great ways to explore their imagination take on roles as well as coving many more area of the EYFS, which Ofsted love.

There is hot drinks and cake for adults as well as juice and biscuit for the children offered near end of the sessions, welcome to take own little snacks too if needed.

At the moment it’s a great quiet group offering the children lots freedom to explore and engage, however I see it growing in size over the months.

I love that it’s on from 9.30 as means easier to pop in off the school run and home in time for lunch and sleeps. Offering the children a safe place and different experiences to other groups within the area.

Becky runs many other groups fro The Box as well as Stone Tennis club, from children dance to adults dance and fitness as well as little glow sessions and children drama.

Parking on site as well as ramp for pushchair access.

To find out more follow here Website

Social media:Facebook

National Library lovers month

There are some random national days and months bouncing around.

However library month look my liking.

The whole of February is dedicated to the people who love whole buildings devoted to the reading, housing, organising, finding, studying and otherwise loving books.  

Libraries are ran by volunteers, many communities have been at risk of loosing their library and some even closed down.

Let’s show some support for these. Libraries provide us with a sauce of knowledge, literature, adventure, and much more just in the books. They can be a place of study and offer social groups, learning and support.

Recently I meet a lovely lady who runs Little beans learning

She is a qualified primary teacher, offering arts and crafts activities based around a story book or theme. Each session compliments the Early Years curriculum and children build upon and learn new skills weekly.

Little beans learning is currently in libraries across Staffordshire including Baswich library on Thursdays @2:15 and at The little green frog Cafe on a Friday at 1:30. As well as holding school holiday sessions.

I know my local Stone library have a bouncy and rhythm session, Natwest community, jigsaw club and Lego club.

Where is your local library?! Are you a member?! If not why not.

Without the passion of the community, volunteers and groups running in these libraries more will get closed.

Let’s support our local libraries. After all the books are free to read and enjoy.

Do you use comparison sites?!

Personally I will use as a guide, but do you use a comparison site?

What are comparison sites?

Comparison sites are a company who scan the market for prices and deals within your criteria e.g. energy, broadband, holidays, car insurance and more.

These companies take commission from sign up for the product or service, through their website.

There are many many out there, lot advertise on social media, tv etc.

Do you always get the best deal?

Not always. Some comparison sites will list their partners first, some lowest price the can find, not always the full market.

Some providers ain’t even listed via these sites, E.g. direct line, Utility Warehouse for many reason e.g. Due to these sites taken commission, advertising cost and many other reasons and prefer to give these costs back to their customers.

Yes it can be good and “less hassle” to use these methods, you could find what seems to be better deal but may be other conditions attached e.g. introductory deals, or you may have found a “cheaper” listing but only seems cheaper as the site are partners.

Tips to effective use!

Always go direct to the different providers.

Know specifically what you are looking for, rather than a rough idea.

Check customer feedback. Including people you know. Referrals are great.

Check all the finer details, e.g. is it a introductory deal.

Alway haggle, if your contract coming to end of deal ring that provider and see what loyalty they can offer you first.

Check it’s like for like comparison.

Fruit filled bars

Fruit filled bars

My partner is terrible for not eating a breakfast always has the excuse of I need to run, not hungry got to leave early etc etc.

A while ago I made him some fruity flapjacks. Which he loved and helped him loads-to feel full and not have his lunch at 10ish which a usual habit of his.

So this time did new idea…. healthier fruit filled bars…

These can be adapted for preferred fruit and amount you want to make, the recipe below made us around 10.


2 cups oats

1 cup honey

2 bananas, mashed

2 apples, peeled, cored and chopped

1/2 handful dried cranberries, chopped (as my children don’t care much for taste)


Add all ingredients and stir well.

Add into your preferred baking tin.

Cook for around 15min, on a 180*C oven. Cook until golden and firm.

Cool, cut and enjoy.

These can also be frozen individually and defrosted when wanted. Kids love these too for school snacks. Continue reading

Ofsted grading inspection.

Well I finally got “the call” as we say in the industry last Monday. My Ofsted inspector was to be with me with 24hours or on the Friday.

Yikes… last time I had Ofsted out was my registration meeting, when I had no children on roll…. 4years ago…. I have worked with children since qualifying when I was 20, 11 years on this be my first full grading inspection. Yes 11-12 years working with children and always seemed to have holidays while inspections taken place.

I am usually a very nervous, anxious person however after the call I felt unusually calm and slightly excited. I know I have my things in place as the previous months been checking it all over against the Ofsted inspection handbook, so really all that was left was to shine to my inspector and show her what I feel, the bonds I have and my families views.

Well it’s safe to safe it all went really really well. She was to me by 9am Tuesday 20th, she good at time keeping lol. She observed the usual day to day needs of the children, she observed me doing activity with the children, we shared joint observations on the children and my practice. We talked over my training, it’s impact on my practice, setting and children. The inspector went through most my paperwork and the children’s learning journals. I had several other “checking” questions making sure I knew things from children’s individual learning to safe guarding and other denied the scenes legalities and need to know.

The inspector read over past questionnaires and statements from 2families accessing my service as well as talking confidentially to another parent in drop off. I must say thank you so much for these…100% positive.

My inspector was wrapping up by 11am, she seen more than enough and if observed more would not affect her outcome…. GOOD grading was achieved. Thank you 🙂

One very happy Childminder, a strong positive GOOD grading will do me just perfectly. I always feel it’s amazing how an inspector can give judgement over my years or practice, within a few hours but clearly to the Ofsted criteria they follow I have all in place just nicely.

The full report can be seen soon on their website via

In mean time here some of my inspectors comments “the Childminder is warm and caring. She provides the important resource of time, which helps children settle in quickly, and become ready to learn”

“Children are progressing well…they are becoming increasingly ready for the next phase of their learning, including their move onto school”

I am so proud to say I am now a GOOD Childminder, things will always be changing here from families needs, to activities, legal changes etc, however I will always be striving to provide outstanding care and learning to all children accessing my care.

We are all getting ready now for the Christmas run up now esp with my grading is out the way 1less worry and waiting game done.

New steps on their journey!

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This year will be my 4th year childminding and I think one of my hardest emotionally.

This August two amazing little girls one I have cared for since 9month old, the other 18months. Will both be spreading their wings and heading off to reception class.

Both these little girls have their own amazing characters, own great personalities and will take their new journey in their own stride. However something inside me extremly sad…. I have seen many children leave my care when working in larger settings but this is different.

I have nurtured these children one to one, helped when ill, to toilet training, teaching them language as well of many funny moments. 4 years of memory making.

I know these girls are going to love their next steps and will still visit me in school holidays but not sure the days will be the same. They have really touched my heart and my family home.

New journeys can be daunting but each step grows us all on a new path of new adventures. This year also sees my daughter and one older minded starting middle school, but different ones.

I am looking forward to seeing how all 4 girls grow, learn new things, make new friends as well as seeing myself balance a three school, school run life lol.

All the best to them all on their new adventures. The memories we have made together will last forever.

Why a new business?!

Back in March 2018 I took a leap… i leaped into a new business alongside my childminding…

Many say not to run 2 businesses as you can’t focus truly on one.. but not so if other people can have multiple jobs why can’t self employed have two businesses…

I have been a customer with Utility Warehouse for coming up to 9 years… i knew i could gain off then via referring friends and family and being rewarded as a customer with shopping vouchers…that i had done for several years… however what i truly didn’t understand was the value in becoming a distributor.

With running a business we take risks… never knowing fully if always what income will be especially the way I run my childminding as i allow families flexibility, making it affordable to their situation and often in school holidays due to a lot using family I earn less…

Utility warehouse came as a blessing my friend showed me the business opportunity many times, kept talking about it to me and its slowly sank in…. I could be making residual income with gaining customers. I would not need to be working a term ahead of myself always watching the accounts. I could sign up friends, family, neighbours and more and get paid all the time… doing the job once and still get paid… why had it taken me so long.

This is not a get rich quick… but with every business more you put in more you will be rewarded…

Utility warehouse is a discount club… where more services you take the more you will save… I was already a daffi customer and got free light bulbs. Saving loads having moved my Broadband and phone from BT. Then saving more by taken their cashback card. The discounts were a life saver to me as being a single mum and taken over all the boring household bills I was now back in control my own financial outgoings. A godsend.

I am now going out there to save other families money. Combining many their much needed bills to one monthly bill. Providing an multi award winning services and brilliant customer services. As well as out amazing cash back card. What’s not to love.

If you wish to look into this as a customer and see where we can save you, let me know.