Over the last few years I have been on a decluttered game, energy shifting journey.

I did this via Feng Shui, with Patricia Lohan. I remember my younger years having a home feng shui book and slight interest but never fully embracing it.

I knew about Patricia via Bizmums, so three year ago decided to take the plunge and invest in her mastery course.

At first I did not add all remedies. As you start the course you submit house details like precious location, year of build etc then Patricia and team do their magic and work out your house type, guru plan and what’s needed to help the house energy.

Upon Chinese New Year, is when you start remedies, clearing, cleaning. 2017 was only time I fully embraces all the remedies, I know what I wanted out of life now and was more settled with my single mother life, I thought why not embrace it all.

And wow did the magic happen. I meet Matt, money was picking up, house felt fresher, old things linking my self to past life were gone.

Last year Patricia released a book and I felt very lucky to be part of the prelaunch proof read team, this book took my feng shut journey to another level. Decluttering deeper of my house and myself. Setting new intention, beliefs and just amazing work.

2019 updates are in place as this year I have decided to do more inner self work, I’m mediating, building new believes, developing new coping methods which are in turn really helping me fight and over come anxiety and daily stresses.

Who knew that in 2016, as I started this journey I would be planning my wedding, be a step mum to 2 children, have my ex off my mortgage and even travel to one dream location as well as planning other adventures,

If your wanting to declutter more effectively I suggest you get your hands on the amazing The Happy Home book. (Link to shop is below.)

This is a great way to see how Feng Shui can come into you life without the larger investment, when will lead you into her mastery course to make your home a better way to support your family, your dreams and goals.

<a href=”http:////“>Patricia’s book


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