My prefect planner

Around 18 months ago, I had an idea for a diary/planner that would combine my daily needs and my diary, from note making, diary planning and more.

That day I meet Ali a friend from Bizmums who said she could help me. If you not heard or seen Ali’s things check out my other blog here on her my perfect journal

Fast forward 18 months and here it is…

Within this planner we have combined, weekly view, daily view, monthly money tracker, colouring, inspirational quotes, as well as powerful positive thoughts inc my perfect moment, positives in your life, things that made you happy/laugh and smile. These daily tasks helps you build a positive mindset. As end of each week there a review too.

To see my Facebook live on my prefect planner follow here FB live .

The planner has been designed open dated, this means you can get your hands on it and I enjoyed and roll for 3months… it’s only takes 30 days to build new habits, so why not build some organised, positive mind set habits here.

You can get your hands-on it direct via myself (drop me comment) as well as soon listed on my perfect website (will link soon as its live).


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