National Library lovers month

There are some random national days and months bouncing around.

However library month look my liking.

The whole of February is dedicated to the people who love whole buildings devoted to the reading, housing, organising, finding, studying and otherwise loving books.  

Libraries are ran by volunteers, many communities have been at risk of loosing their library and some even closed down.

Let’s show some support for these. Libraries provide us with a sauce of knowledge, literature, adventure, and much more just in the books. They can be a place of study and offer social groups, learning and support.

Recently I meet a lovely lady who runs Little beans learning

She is a qualified primary teacher, offering arts and crafts activities based around a story book or theme. Each session compliments the Early Years curriculum and children build upon and learn new skills weekly.

Little beans learning is currently in libraries across Staffordshire including Baswich library on Thursdays @2:15 and at The little green frog Cafe on a Friday at 1:30. As well as holding school holiday sessions.

I know my local Stone library have a bouncy and rhythm session, Natwest community, jigsaw club and Lego club.

Where is your local library?! Are you a member?! If not why not.

Without the passion of the community, volunteers and groups running in these libraries more will get closed.

Let’s support our local libraries. After all the books are free to read and enjoy.


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