Do you use comparison sites?!

Personally I will use as a guide, but do you use a comparison site?

What are comparison sites?

Comparison sites are a company who scan the market for prices and deals within your criteria e.g. energy, broadband, holidays, car insurance and more.

These companies take commission from sign up for the product or service, through their website.

There are many many out there, lot advertise on social media, tv etc.

Do you always get the best deal?

Not always. Some comparison sites will list their partners first, some lowest price the can find, not always the full market.

Some providers ain’t even listed via these sites, E.g. direct line, Utility Warehouse for many reason e.g. Due to these sites taken commission, advertising cost and many other reasons and prefer to give these costs back to their customers.

Yes it can be good and “less hassle” to use these methods, you could find what seems to be better deal but may be other conditions attached e.g. introductory deals, or you may have found a “cheaper” listing but only seems cheaper as the site are partners.

Tips to effective use!

Always go direct to the different providers.

Know specifically what you are looking for, rather than a rough idea.

Check customer feedback. Including people you know. Referrals are great.

Check all the finer details, e.g. is it a introductory deal.

Alway haggle, if your contract coming to end of deal ring that provider and see what loyalty they can offer you first.

Check it’s like for like comparison.


Fruit filled bars

Fruit filled bars

My partner is terrible for not eating a breakfast always has the excuse of I need to run, not hungry got to leave early etc etc.

A while ago I made him some fruity flapjacks. Which he loved and helped him loads-to feel full and not have his lunch at 10ish which a usual habit of his.

So this time did new idea…. healthier fruit filled bars…

These can be adapted for preferred fruit and amount you want to make, the recipe below made us around 10.


2 cups oats

1 cup honey

2 bananas, mashed

2 apples, peeled, cored and chopped

1/2 handful dried cranberries, chopped (as my children don’t care much for taste)


Add all ingredients and stir well.

Add into your preferred baking tin.

Cook for around 15min, on a 180*C oven. Cook until golden and firm.

Cool, cut and enjoy.

These can also be frozen individually and defrosted when wanted. Kids love these too for school snacks. Continue reading