Ofsted grading inspection.

Well I finally got “the call” as we say in the industry last Monday. My Ofsted inspector was to be with me with 24hours or on the Friday.

Yikes… last time I had Ofsted out was my registration meeting, when I had no children on roll…. 4years ago…. I have worked with children since qualifying when I was 20, 11 years on this be my first full grading inspection. Yes 11-12 years working with children and always seemed to have holidays while inspections taken place.

I am usually a very nervous, anxious person however after the call I felt unusually calm and slightly excited. I know I have my things in place as the previous months been checking it all over against the Ofsted inspection handbook, so really all that was left was to shine to my inspector and show her what I feel, the bonds I have and my families views.

Well it’s safe to safe it all went really really well. She was to me by 9am Tuesday 20th, she good at time keeping lol. She observed the usual day to day needs of the children, she observed me doing activity with the children, we shared joint observations on the children and my practice. We talked over my training, it’s impact on my practice, setting and children. The inspector went through most my paperwork and the children’s learning journals. I had several other “checking” questions making sure I knew things from children’s individual learning to safe guarding and other denied the scenes legalities and need to know.

The inspector read over past questionnaires and statements from 2families accessing my service as well as talking confidentially to another parent in drop off. I must say thank you so much for these…100% positive.

My inspector was wrapping up by 11am, she seen more than enough and if observed more would not affect her outcome…. GOOD grading was achieved. Thank you šŸ™‚

One very happy Childminder, a strong positive GOOD grading will do me just perfectly. I always feel it’s amazing how an inspector can give judgement over my years or practice, within a few hours but clearly to the Ofsted criteria they follow I have all in place just nicely.

The full report can be seen soon on their website via https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/17/EY473295

In mean time here some of my inspectors comments “the Childminder is warm and caring. She provides the important resource of time, which helps children settle in quickly, and become ready to learn”

“Children are progressing well…they are becoming increasingly ready for the next phase of their learning, including their move onto school”

I am so proud to say I am now a GOOD Childminder, things will always be changing here from families needs, to activities, legal changes etc, however I will always be striving to provide outstanding care and learning to all children accessing my care.

We are all getting ready now for the Christmas run up now esp with my grading is out the way 1less worry and waiting game done.