Home learning.


Home learning, what is it? What’s the benefits? Why do it? 

Home learning: supporting your children’s learning and development at home, familyies homes etc, outside of childcare and or school.

Did you know that from birth you started home learning your own child, you interacted with them, payed together, shared stories, talked to them.

However as your child gets older and older this seems to decrease. They spend more time playing alone or on technology. You stopped sharing that book or no longer do bed time story…. Why?? There are no excuses.

Home learning especially when children are in school or childcare is just as important now as it was when they were younger.

Yes when in school it is more supporting their homework, doing their guided reading but it can be so so much more.

How many time you told you child to go play…yes I am guilty too. You have things to do, cooking tea and housework, or like me you work from home too. It’s all about getting the balance.

Soon with my children in my care under 5, I will be introducing our home bags, every so often they will get a book, one to share with their family. Parents can read and share story with their child, encourage the child to read by asking them what’s happening in the pictures.

Just this 1 change can open up a world of further opportunities for home learning. E.g. Given a book about the shop, it’s read at home, then why not make shopping trip more fun with the children, have them write the list, help pick ad find items needed, add to trolls or bags at the end. From this you can also have your child start helping with the tea preparing, setting table, cutting veg (safety first though) stirring etc. The opportunities from 1 book is emence. The life skills that are taugh here (unknown) are great.

Home learning is not just about home work and workbooks, it’s as fun as you make it, it’s your learning  for your child.

Benefits; Your involvement can have positive effects on your child development and learning, thier own Confidance and knowledge as well as increasing you relationship with them. And who doesn’t want a happy content child. Thees millions of benefits.

How do to it; Research as identified 7 main area know as Early Home Learning Environment Index (EHLEI) as being important elements of home learning that improve educational outcomes;

1: Parents and carers reading to their child

2;parents taking children to the library (do you know your local on)

3; children playing with letters, (even self written or printed to paper)

4; parents and carers helping their child to learn the alplahbet

5; parents and carers teaching thei child numbers and counting

6; parents and carers teaching thei child songs, poems or nursery rhymes.

7; children painting or drawing at home, (how simple)

These 7 things really as simple, effetive, not time consuming things to do, theses 7 things can greatly impact on your children. What’s stopping you doing 1 today even on the school run, or shopping trip, counting oranges etc….

Over the coming months I will share more tips and activities to help support this, show how resources can be made cheap at home.

Go on what is really stopping you from supporting this…..Nothing. I bet you do a lot ready.






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