WOW 2017, you were kind

Well, it’s 2018 and the New year officially starts.

I have seen so many people saying good byes to a bad 2017… Don’t you think that just your view on life.

Yes bad things may have happened for you, myself and everyone… But why look back on the past in a negative way.

2017 really was amazing for me… And many of you all too. Just look at the smaller things.

Heres my highlights

*Quality time with the kids and my family. Making memories, laughing, time in the sun and snow.

*My best friends wedding.

*Breaks away, day trips (not all good but still done)

*New car, (after killing the old one, lol. Was not laughing at the time)

*Winning exceptional service award for my childminding

*Getting a lot more sorted for me personally, mindset included

*redecorating living room, Ryins bedroom and finally getting my real own stamp on the house,

*Succesful business year, making great memories with all children and fantastic fedback from their families. The book are really really full, waiting list developing.


Sometimes with a negative mind things look bleak, bad year etc. Well why… Look further see the perfect in everything.

I have learnt a lot this year too, as a parent and a person, but iaint we always learning… That life isn’t it after all a full learning curve, no 1 person gping throught the same as you…. So really look back on your year with positivity.

Lessons I have learnt:

*There in a perfect in every day.

*Positivity gets you much further.

*You Create your own destiny.

*You can get what you want… You have to really want it and work for it.

*Work is pleasurable when you love your job and follow your heart.

*Things come in the most unexpected places, when least expected.

So go ahead into 2018 with a positive mind, yes bad things may happen, but keep focused. Your strong, you own this…2018 is your year.


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