Award Nominations, personal and Business

award nominations


As many of my followers will know I am a member of Bizmums. Each year they hold annual conference and awards and this year I have been nominated within four awards categories, Exceptional service, health and Beauty award, Inspirational mum and Online mum of the year.
I own and run my Businesses in Stone, Staffordshire. With my main business Stephs Childminding services has had a great impact on families accessing her care. For this business she has been placed into two categories, Exceptional service and Online mum of the year.
i set up as a childminding in 2014 due to my own personal situation, where I was needing to find flexible childcare. Since then the demand has grown, due to the way I offer childcare for families who are able to follow their own career passions, knowing that they do not need to worry about shift patterns, needing weekend childcare or needing late finishing.
Here part of the nominations view from Exceptional service. “Her testimonials from parents describe her ethos, providing top quality childcare from very early mornings, school runs, late evenings, overnight and taking the children to ex curriculum activities. No job is too small for Stephanie, if parents call at the last minute she will help . All this whilst following Ofsed, EYFS standards. The way Stephanie has tailored her service, she has allowed parents to go to work in their dreamed profession, offering shift workers flexibility with no hidden costs. Families only pay for the childcare used, which is a great help to them working, enjoy life and securely financing their childcare bills. Stephanie has a strong community spirit and engages in groups and despairs when child facilities close. She came up with the initiative with a friend ‘Stone Parent & Child Group’. It lists all the toddler groups, classes etc around Stone, when they run and all the information needed.”
“I set up knowing I needed childcare to fit around me and not access part time on a full time childcare bill. The demand amazed me I thought only 1 or 2 families would need flexibility but how I was very wrong. I now have 4 regular families and more who access though out the School holidays. The need for flexible childcare is increasing as very few families work a traditional 9-5 job of even close to their work. The way I run my service is totally tailored to each from hours, days and even when and how they can pay, I have worked within childcare for over 10 years and knew it needed to change.” From Steph.
“I am astonished at the nominations, whom I have yet to discover to thank them. I do my business as a passion and never expect to be nominated again for one never mind to be placed within four categories. When I read the statements it brought me to tears as I see myself totally different and just helping out others.”

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Statement from Online mum of the Year nomination “” I love Steph’s posts, such an inspirational to look at on her Facebook page and Instagram. She inspires and helps me with my content, and she doesn’t do that directly! Steph shows me how to have a typical day, and even shows her ups and downs, and how to overcome things. With her childminding posts, are helpful, and she gives me ideas what to do with my own children. Her posts are always different content, and she helps me with a’pick me up’ when in need of one. ”

Winners will be announced on Sunday, October 8th, 2017, at the annual BizMums Conference & Awards at the Manor House in Alsager, Cheshire. The day will bring together 100’s of mums in business from across the region to network, learn and celebrate each other’s achievements of the past 12 months

Find The BizMums Awards Online:



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