Bizfund :D


I am a member of Bizmums, which is a social enterprise set out to support females in business to network with their children.

I have been a member for around 4years, I attend to some local meet ups including Stone and Cannock. I have found these meetings and much membership a great way to build relationships, make friends and gain support from further like minded ladies.

You hpmay have seen past blogs about my finalised for awards via Bizmums so they are not just about networking groups.

Each year they allow members to apply for some funding, which can be used to develop, grow and improve your business.

Well earlier this year I applied and found out last week I have been granted part for my application. I am feeling so so grateful.

I applied for funding towards 5 course that I want to take to further help and support the children within my childcare. I was granted the funding for behaviour management within out of school children and Confidance in personal, social and emotional development.

I am so thrilled that I will soon be doing these courses, they are going to have a profound affect in children as 1: many access me around school times and the other I have strong believe that children can not learn and grow without confidence within themselves and their own abilities.

I will be booking myself on to the other courses as soon as possible as I strive to improve the chafe and education I am providing to the children within my care.

This funding is going to release finances within the business which will go back into further developing the outdoor area and for more courses to be booked.

So excited to get new things going this year…

If you want to know more about bizmums please follow this link.






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