Strawberry picking

Summer brings lighter nights, warmer days and STRAWBERRIES my children and I favourite fruit.

On Monday I took my son and minding children to Canalside farm, in Great Haywood. As I noticed searching the Internet they apwere doing pick your own strawberries, it was closest place I could find.

The canalside farm is a family ran farm, farm shop and cafe next to the Trent and Mersey Canal, just 10 miles from where I live.

You go through the farm shop and collect your boxes for picking. I have never done pick your own but feel it is a great way to further show children where fruit and vegetables come from. I have grown strawberries and raspberries at home for the last couple of years, but the ones at canalside WOW.

Out the back of the farm shop lies tunnels upon tunnels, we followed the signs for the strawberries, going past raspberry tunnels, we also shopped courgettes. Getting a request go go back when the raspberries are ready.

The strawbetties for picking we signposted and there were loads, some ready and some not so. There were all in raised planters great for my son to reach but smaller children needed to be lifted.

We talked about which ones to pick and why, we made extra game in finding the biggest and smallest strawberry we could find. We even tasted a little cheeky strawberry…heheh.

The canalside prides itself on it strawberries and I can see why… They are amazing. Once our boxes were full we headed back to the farm shop spotting the boats on the canal. The boxes were weighted and paid for. Ryin requested not to go home, (lucky packed a picnic)

We sat outside the coffee shop and the children loved watching the trains go past as they munched there sandwiches and eating more strawberries.

I can highly recommend the canalside farm for strawberry picking. We shall be returning for raspberries and more.

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