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Mini me yoga workshop

Well where do I start…

As I’m admin for a parent page on Facebook, I was contacted by Emma McIntosh from  Mini me yoga Staffordshire to advertise one of her yoga sessions within the group…well with being child related I agreed.

Then I became curious… What was it all about… I had heard and seen and tried adults yoga but children’s?! What was different? What were the benefits?! As a single self employed mum I often find my daughter struggling with some behaviour issues so I dropped Emma an email asking the above.

I got immediate response and was full of information about how can help children as well as she told me about her 2 hours mini me workshops, to help me teach and guide yoga in the home… At first I though yea bet it’s pricy, all added extra after sales etc but no £45 2hours and I did not feel any pressure to join the workshop. I explained me personal situation for times to go etc and was explained it could be tailored to my availability esp if I could find least3 other people interested.

I sat with this a while and booked my daughter (6) onto a free 30mins session, I thought she would enjoy it as often doing exercises in the house and talking about p.e. lesson at school. I the process I looked and requested more information about Emma’s workshops, what entails, how can I practice it at home. Then I just bite the bullet it really is one of them workshops that have to be tried to really know. I mean what’s 2hours out my Saturday morning, to try something different.

The workshop day came and wow nerves kicked in, I was going to a new place Bramptoon museum to do a workshop with strangers… Totally out my comfort zone. I rockets up nurvous, scared but excited at the same time.

Emma was amazing, I was totally put at ease when we meet, she explained a lot more about it and really made me relaxed. This workshop was really about implementing 15minutes of pure peace and tranquility into a child’s day. Not the sort of yoga I expected. The session had a few other people ranging from mums, yoga teachers, and people in education or care, we each went with different objective.

The session was brilliant, fun and creative. Once we started all worries etc had gone, probably cos got told to think like a child… (Something we all forget to too…just be and play)

Emma guided us throught every stage of a 15minute programme, explains at each stage why it’s done, the science and benefits to it all, open to questions every time. How the smallest of things can make such a difference, experiments to try, how used every day household things… And how yogo ain’t yoga but great fun with children. Getting us to reconnect with ourselves.

Emma taught us 3 games and used some fab Mini Me Yoga Magick Yoga Cards, also explaining there uses and changing idead for the age of your child working with… We went on a safari animal spotting, paired game and fun poses off the cards. Not forgetting the music links to them all. The Mandela colouring and energising water.

This workshop was a real eye opener, yes it was based at us teaching and supporting the children but the inner feeling of peace I got from it was not expected…Added bonus.

I went with the vision to use at home with my daughter but seeing and feeling the great benefits, I am practicing with my daughter with the aim to introduce it with the children I childmind, if it will lift my worries, anxieties and helped me sleep that night. It will certainly benefit the children I look after every day after a school day having new things full them up…. I have booked Emma to come do a session with the children within some school holidays, and they are all looking forward to it.

Kids yoga

After my session my daughter did her 30minutes with Emma, Avamay knew a little from school but seeing her face after, not wanting to leave and talking so much about what she did was brilliant.

We are doing it at home one night a week and she is loving it, often telling me to extend the session, adding bits in and totally loves the magic water.

I love how the sessions have helped us two to spend more quality time together, have a laugh and calms us nicely after a busy day.

fully recommend Emma’s sessions and kids yoga, here are the links, website full extra information too and links to experiments.





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