Flip Out Stoke on Trent


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Well where do I start…its just like two giant trampolines.

Flip out Stoke, is based on Opal Way, on Stone Business Park. Next to the post office Depo.

Opened 19th December, so totally fresh and new. However it’s brilliant.

I was invited today to go along and took three children, two my own and my daughters friend, 3, 6 & 6. Well as you can imagine I thought how will I watch three children on trampolines, health and safety issues went running though my head.. I can safely say I needed have worried.

On entry especially if pre registered/ booked it’s quick. We were all given the grip socks and the children coloured wrist bands. There was then a safety brief video, which I did feel personally a little to much ‘can’t do this or that’ but even at child level, it was understood and the staff ensured all the children could see the video.

As you enter the arena, it’s divided into three sections, lower had storage for shoes, jackets etc and picnic/seating area. The middle section was divided into two like large trampolines, including what looked like more stunt area. The upper level hosted a cafe and further seating/ viewing area.

Three excited children and my worries disappeared. Off we were in the world of trampolining, needless to say last time was on one was in high school… So true memory blank… But was brill fun.

The staff are dotted around the arean and had their own stations which they seemed to be rotating, they were brilliant. They showed the girls some moves and even guided them one to one on how to do different things… As well as trying to encourage a shy Ryin, as could tell he was trying to practice wall bouncing too. If a child fell and looked unsure etc they were straight to their aid, ensuring all was ok. Brilliant, I was even asked why went and what I wanted to gain from it all. No one was left out.

There was a sports team in who were practicing and the children loved this added an air of inspiration to them as they watched. To the left side was a area for flips, twists etc. This was highly staffed and from watching and listening safety to all was highly guided. The staff also taught tricks of how to do moves and counted jumps etc for the customers.

Before going and reading their website I thought trampolining was more a sport and for children but the website is full of additional benefits, where it all started back in Australia, as well as other sessions they will be running from the Stoke site. I will defiantly be taken my son back (3) for the mini flippers as will be £8, free adult and 9am-3pm all for under fives. Even my daughter has asked for her birthday there.

I can not highly recommend this place has really opened my eyes to trampolining.

Yes you only get an hour, but by gum an hour of bouncing it hard work, tiring and really does boost your energy, self esteem and confidence.

If you have children or want to visit, and do flips, twist etc in a safe controlled, guided environment. Flip out Stoke on Trent is the place to go.

For more details and bookings, please visit http://www.flipout.co.uk






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